Friday, February 19, 2010

Holidays XD

Heylo people!! i didn't blog this week because i was at my kampung! teluk intan! and sitiawan!! hahaha. hmm.. i won't say much, but i'll show more pictures. most of the pictures are from my phone so.. the quality will suck. XD and emm.. actually, the pictures are from down to up. gahh!!

this monkey is cute. haha

look at the hair style. cool huh?

my mum bought a new frame. the old one was the same. XD

thats my kampung punya kebangaan XD

2nd. gime a bigger pose!!

1st. pose for the camera!!

then we went to the Taman paya bakau.
anywhere i go, i 'll make sure you'll find me. Jiwang. XDit's bright!

it's getting brighter!

my dad brought melody and i to da teluk batik beach at 6am in da morning to see the sunrise. but unfortunately, the sunrise was at the opposite side. so we didn't see any. it started dark.


here starts my artistic pictures.XD with ma sun glass. XD

here starts the journey!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i miss my hair :(

Lompat Kijang.

Kalah tak pe. gaya ada. hahaha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sabah match.

WE WON 15-0!!! hahaha

Monday, February 8, 2010

Singapore trip is on.

hey people. My dad allowed me to go for the trip. I knew he'll allow. the only thing is i'm not feeling good about using so much of my dad's money. i just wish i can work somewhere. but theres school and all. hmm.. school is starting to get boring. My class is so noisy. i can't study!! it's so hard for me. But i'm trying. Chinese new year is coming. wohoo. hahaha. happy chinese new year people. i don't know why i'm just not looking forward to this year.

okay. i have nothing eles to say. buhhhh byeeee :)

A million words would not bring you back , i know because i've tried . Neither would a million tears , i know because i've cried .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How could you be so heartless.

Hey. i missed school today to play badminton with my coach, limo,udin, and dikson. Had alot of fun. emm.. and tired too. that was all in the morning. we played from 9 am till 11 am. When i reached home, i had my lunch and went for a nap till 4 pm. and i was late for training, an HOUR late!!! hahah But luckily the weather was hot. so my coach did not start training. Btw. tomorrow we're having a match against the sabah team.

Oh yeah, before i forget. God helped me today :) although it was little, but i am happy!! i was walking towards a restaurant to meet my mum and laura after football training. i was walking and it started raining when i was under a roof. when i went out from the roof to the open air the rain stopped until i reached the restaurant , then it started raining again after a few second. hahah cool huh?

alright. thats all. bye. colourful huh? :)

will we ever be the same again? :(

sick of crying .tired of trying. yeah i am smiling, but inside i am dying

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


HEY PEOPLE!!! Today is a special date!! 3-2-1!! and emm.. school was normal. gonna go for football training soon. This few days, i don't know why am i so weak. Even my confidence are like 0 %. i sometimes think that i should stop doing what i'm always doing which is football or running. i don't know why. My mind just keeps telling me that i'm just making a fool outta myself doing this. But i won't give up. thats all for now. gtg. Buh Bye. Btw, i'm getting a hang of blogging. hahaha. love the colours. XD